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Find a solution to save water!

Bring digital solutions to make your individual water

consumption more efficient!



Do you have a good idea to reduce your water consumption?

Are you ready to present your innovative solution to eliminate water waste?

If you feel you are able to make the most of the technologies we use to save water in

the future, then this is your chance.

What is at stake?

  • More than 2.5 billion people live in water-scarce regions.
  • By 2050, more than half of the population – and about half of the world’s grain production – will face water shortages.
  • More than two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities by the half of the century, creating an unprecedented demand for reliable and safe water supply.
  • The growing food and energy demand will only increase water scarcity if we do not act in time.
  • Millions of people may be forced to leave their homes, due to severe water shortages.

What is the Challenge?

Bring digital solutions to make our individual

water use more efficient!

There are already inventions that monitor and analyse our household’s water consumption using
cloud-based systems, applications that measure our daily water intake or filtration devices that
support using wastewater faster and more efficiently.

Change can not only be achieved at a national or corporate level but you also have the opportunity
to create something meaningful for our future! We need digital solutions that drive our daily water
use into a more conscious channel.

What solution would you bring to support a more mindful water consumption?



Ikon s
• Accommodation for 2 people, for 2 nights, with half board in Natura Hill Panzió in Zebegény for all team members
• Automatic participation in the Wetskills Water Challenge 2 weeks long international competition for all team members


Ikon s
• 2 nights accommodation for 2 people with breakfast in the beautiful Káli Art Inn in Zebegény for all team members


Ikon s
• Kindle Paperwhite 4 e-book reader for all team members

Why to apply?


Network & Community

Get connected with our
professional partners,
investors, startups and be part
of a unique community.



Get a chance for a lifetime
experience! You can develop
your product or service during
a tailor-made, super intense
24-hour-long hackathon.


1on1 mentoring sessions

Make the most of the
opportunity with help from
our professional experts and
top notch mentors.



Save the Earth’s water supply
with your idea!



Brainstorm in an inspiring

Who are we looking for?

  • We welcome applications from teams (2-4 members) as well as individuals:
    • who are university / college students or fresh graduates from any faculty (eg. IT, engineering, agriculture, economics / management),
    • who are interested in solving the challenges of responsible water consumption
  • We also welcome startup teams with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)





9-10 MARCH



We accept university or college students, fresh graduates who are currently starting their career and startups who are interested in the innovation challenges of responsible water management and those who have a groundbreaking solution on how to save water in the future. The interdisciplinary nature of the program is important, so we are looking for candidates who solve the problem of water consumption from all over the world from any background. We are looking for teams (2-4 people) or individual competitors to apply. Individuals can apply, but must find at least one other team member before the final selection.

After the application ends, representatives of Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation and Design Terminal will select and invite the best applicants. Taking into consideration the received applications, 15 teams are expected to be selected. The participants of the event will receive a notice by March 9-10.

Nothing. It’s completely FREE to attend the event, but your travel cost to Budapest is not covered by the organisers.

The challenge has already been posted in the competition call, the participants can prepare based on this description. During the event, different experts and mentors will be at your disposal.

Yes, you’ll be asked to give a short presentation (max. 3-4 min.) at the end of the event. To ensure a successful presentation we will give you help in the form of workshops with the involvement of professional mentors. The jury’s evaluation criteria and the mandatory content elements of the presentation will be shared with the invited teams before the competition.

Yes, we’ll have a constant food, water and coffee supply so that hunger or thirst would not stand in the way of groundbreaking ideas. Please state any dietary restrictions of yours so we can take them into consideration when making orders.

No, you can leave anytime you want but please be aware that you might miss out on crucial help from our mentors.

All intellectual property produced at the event is owned solely by the participants and their team. Further plans may be discussed between the partners and the teams after the event.

The official language of the hackathon is Hungarian, therefore the pitches and their evaluation will be in Hungarian. We provide simultaneous interpretation on request.

Participants must bring their own laptops, ID cards and other tools they may need (charging device, mouse, USB flash drive, etc).

We are happy to help out with any questions! Just drop us a message at mentor@designterminal.org

About Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation

The Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation was established to raise environmental awareness in order to create a more sustainable present and future within and beyond the borders of Hungary. We believe that actions speak louder than words. Throughout the past few decades, the prognosis has been increasingly alarming, but we have not found a solution to the dilemma that while the population of the Earth has more than tripled over the last century, our energy consumption has increased tenfold. Through our initiatives, we emphasise that a lot can still be done to slow down worsening climate trends at the level of individuals, industries and policymakers. We believe, that programmes carefully tailored to the needs of different stakeholders have the power to change people’s mindset and create a more sustainable environment. We seek to achieve our goals by becoming partners, supporters and organisers of programmes and organisations that share our values and strong belief that a lot can be done through joint efforts to increase awareness. The Foundation thus gives priority to addressing the effects of climate change, supporting the development of multilevel education, and improving the environmental awareness of the society. We are aspiring to change the values, behaviours, production and consumer habits of individuals and society and to foster a new relationship between society and the environment.

About Design Terminal

Design Terminal is Central Europe’s leading innovation agency, which builds ‘Innovation Champions’ through corporate partnerships and talent acceleration. We believe entrepreneurial culture is based on optimism, which drives meaningful innovation. We give corporate leaders and startup founders the knowledge and access they need to catalyze innovation across any organization. Incubation programs are up and running in seven countries, and since 2014 the organization has worked with more than 1000 startups and several leading corporations.




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