How to train grown-ups

How to train grown-ups

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Us, grown-ups will have to change if we want to take effective action against global water crisis. To this end, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a photography- and drawing contest for primary school children. Our Foundation has the honor of providing a valuable, special prize for the winners.

Children (sometimes instinctively) know what can and should be done to preserve the natural assets of our environment. Unfortunately, water scarcity and severe pollution of water resources are now threatening the water supplies of hundreds of millions of people, so it is time to make an effort on a cooperative as well as an an individual level: we must prove that we are able to work toward preserving our water resources.

The Budapest Water Summit 2019, held on 15-17 October, will focus primarily on water crisis. On the occasion of the event, a contest titled “How to train grown-ups” will be held, offering valuable prizes.  The committee expects drawings, photographs, or a series of at most 10 drawings and/or photographs to be submitted by the 6th of September. Contestants aged 6-10 and 11-14 are asked to depict the changes they would like to make in the world and actions of adults to make our water usage more sustainable.

The winners of both age groups will receive a prize worth 20,000, 30,000 and 50,000 HUF respectively. In addition, the Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation offers a special prize to the winners: a trip for their class to the Tisza Lake Ecocentrum in Poroszló.

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