From Son to Father!

From Son to Father!

From Son to Father! 1024 683 Kék Bolygó

Environmental protection can be playful and interesting. So much so, that knowledge can be passed on from son to father. The From Son to Father Program, supported by our Foundation, was created for this purpose, and schools will soon be able to benefit from the initiative which is also open to local kindergartens.

The strength of the From Son to Father Program, supported by the Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation and cooperating with the PontVelem Smart Program, lies in the fact that educators develop children’s awareness of the environment through group games, drawing activities and practical tasks (such as planting), helping them understand the way nature works.

The From Son to Father booklets and complementary materials present significant topics like the importance of water, land and air, the role of plants, and the basics of environmentally conscious behavior, in an exciting way for 4-6 year-olds. We are confident that the program will achieve its long-term goal and reach the adult population through the new generation with the help of these colorful publications. Thus, knowledge will eventually be passed on “from son to father”.

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